Records Management Society

For those who deal with records and information management, regardless of their professional or organizational status, the Records Management Society is for you. RMAA is a network in Australia that offers a wide range of services to its memberships. This ranges from participation in the development of standards for record management to advocacy on record […]

Records Society

The way in which Mills’s latest book delineates the different ways in which men and women tend to consume music is both illuminating and amusing; the point is that women’s relationship with popular music in general seems to be more or less the same as men’s, if not more so. As more factions emerge, Mills […]

Records Management

Records and information management professionals are responsible for controlling and protecting a company’s information assets. The lifecycle of data sets is determined by a variety of new technologies such as databases, databases and databases. Examples of data sets in this phase are data storage, data management, data set management systems and data protection. The management […]